Founded in 2004, JCows LLC is the provider of Java-based software solutions for mobile, desktop and enterprise environments. Deployed in scalable cloud-based environments, JCows solutions provide scalable and extensible growth for consumer-based and enterprise-based applications using industry proven technologies.

  • Mobile Applications
  • Custom Software Development
  • Web-based Applications


The JCows client base ranges from end consumers using mobile applications, to Fortune 500 client work, developing internal applications and frameworks.

Our client requirement-driven work has brought us to develop advanced solutions for:

  • Mobile RFID testing solutions
  • Advanced website integration strategies
  • Client website development and optimization


JCows also makes a social commitment, donating hours and resources to global causes, providing help to the poor and a message of hope to the hopeless.


In the 1990's, the Java platform was launched, with developers writing desktop applications. Today, the java platform globally is on over one billion personal computers, as well as over three billion other devices including televisions and mobile phones and tablets.

With this footprint and platform flexibility, Java is the cornerstone technology for JCows development products. This includes mobile applications on android and blackberry devices, desktop, and the Java Enterprise platform, utilizing frameworks to deliver solutions with an agile development approach.